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The Gravs' Book

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The Gravs’ addresses themes of environmental concern and industrial heritage, the taming of wilderness and reclamation of nature. I observe the empty, banal qualities of the reserve, yet the absence of people is juxtaposed with evidence of human activity from both past and present; power lines, vandalism and fly-tipping sites allude to the dystopian presence of Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station on the surrounding landscape.

The landscape was dramatically altered during the excavation of gravel pits from 1929 to 1967, being one of many sites of industry in the East Midlands. The reserve represents post-industrial land use in Britain, after the pits closure they were filled with water and the reserve was formed, masking the scars left behind by industry. 

The Gravs' signed photobook, 1st edition, run of 30. 44 silk pages, laminated matt cover. 

The Gravs’ 

First Edition, 2017

Copyright © Rory Fuller 

Printed by ExWhyZed

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